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Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer Sued and Lawsuit Filed by Suit For False Statements

The gummy vitamin manufacturer has been sued for deceptive advertising practices and false statements by several people who have bought the products. The plaintiff in this case, Mark Johnson of California was able to prove that there are serious risks of serious side effects when taking a gummy vitamin. Read further about gummy vitamin supplements on this post:

Many gummy vitamin manufacturers are trying to deflect their customers away from taking them and instead of offering to offer their customers alternatives, they try to put them out of your mind. While it is true that these types of vitamin supplements can be very beneficial and you don't have to worry about serious side effects, it is not recommended. Many people who have been allergic to certain vitamins or are on medications that can cause side effects to take these supplements.

Some examples of the most notable plaintiff who brought these lawsuits to the attention of the public were Joseph Walsh and John Gann. John Walsh who is the plaintiff in this lawsuit filed against the makers of the gummy vitamin was allergic to a type of artificial sweetener, and he had an attack while drinking his favorite beverage with a glass of milk. Learn more about gummy vitamin on this page.

Joseph Walsh was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a heart attack but instead of going into the hospital and getting medicine, he decided to sue the manufacturer and the drink that he had been drinking, for using ingredients that could cause his heart attack. Joseph Walsh's attorney filed these cases to the public and has been working hard to prove that the makers of the gummy vitamin are trying to get people to believe that they can not only get the product to sell and make money off of people, but that they can also sell people false hopes and false expectations. This is not true.

Joseph Walsh's attorney actually got the judge to order the defendant to stop using any sort of artificial sweetener in their products. When the plaintiff won his first lawsuit, the manufacturer tried to appeal the decision but the judge ruled in favor of his client and ordered the company to stop using the artificial sweetener in all of its products. Even though the plaintiff won, it is still important to watch out for the many people who have been duped into buying products containing this substance.

The use of vitamins and supplements is not a crime but it is illegal to make claims like it is. In some instances, if a person knows of someone who is being treated for a heart attack because of taking too much of one particular type of vitamin or supplement then they may want to get information from that person to avoid buying that particular product. They can also ask the doctor who prescribed that person to stop taking that particular vitamin or supplement if they know of any other possible side effects or complications associated with that particular vitamin. A vitamin can cause problems but it is never a bad idea to take a vitamin if you don't know what could happen to you. Knowledge is power and so you would like to top up what you have learned in this article at

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